Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today, Have Faith!

Matthew 9:22

Jesus turned and saw her. "Take heart, daughter," he said, "your faith has healed you." And the woman was healed from that moment.


Faith reminds us that Jesus remains in the healing business. Needing to be healed isn't always for when you're sick. There are times when you just need everything around you to feel better than it did yesterday and the only way that can happen is to take hold of your heart and have faith! Today, have faith that the problems of yesterday will seem easier to deal with tomorrow.

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Kelly M. said...

I just came across your blog and I read a few posts and instantly felt better about the past few days. My younger sister just had a baby on the 22nd and he's having heart surgery very soon. I've been praying and having faith, and your posts really make me believe in the Lord and myself.