Thursday, October 6, 2011

Something to Brag About

Jeremiah 9:23-24

This is what the LORD says: "Let not the wise boast of their wisdom or the strong boast of their strength or the rich boast of their riches, but let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the understanding to know me, that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight," declares the LORD.


I don't mind people bragging or showing off what they have because if they've worked hard to get it, then kudos to them. I do mind when the bragger forgets to give honor to the one who gives them the ability to receive those bragging rights. As we attain more in our lives, it is important to remember that everything we have is only because God has provided the strength and knowledge for us to receive them. These temporary pleasures in our lives only please us. What pleases God is that we remember who it came from. Today, brag about how good God has been to you.

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