Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Message of Hope

Catastrophic situations can attempt to convince you that there is no need for hope; but the word of God remains stronger than these trying times we are experiencing. We come together in unity to pray with and for our Haitian brothers and sisters; to encourage them through these days and to remind them that even in the midst of all this destruction and loss, God is still on the throne and will get them through these days. Let us not get stuck on asking, "How or Why" but focus on making it a little easier for them. Kirk Franklin sang, "It Could've Been Me." Well I'm sure you can agree with me that in this particular case, I'm glad it's me that can give whatever I can to add relief. I would pray that before you make any donations, that you carefully investigate the source and verify its validity. Give with a glad heart because God loves a cheerful giver. God bless each of you and remember to remain encouraged!

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